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On-Site and Call-In Support

We are here to help you and your FFL through consulting, on-site visits, security consultations, compliance evaluations and audits and of course the support that is needed when the sh*t hits the fan. Call us at anytime at 720-336-0028

Free All-In-One Basic Subscription

We believe that time is money and there is no need for you or your staff to reach multiple websites for the tools you need to support your FFL every day. We created a place for all of it! And best of all, it is FREE! Go ahead and join today!

Premium Support and Education Training

We knew there needed to be a place for every FFL to receive the support and training their FFL team could use to keep their business compliant, secure, safe and profitable so we created it. With the FFL Academy Subscription you will have everything you need for you and your staff.

Don't Miss Our Upcoming FREE Webinars!

Every month the FFL Consultants puts on at least one FREE educational webinar created to help FFLs just like you walk away with an implementable action plan that will help your FFL grow and thrive. Sign up for the notification list so you can attend or watch our upcoming webinars.

Why We Created FFLC

Several years ago and after supporting hundreds of FFLs with their compliance, security and training challenges, we recognized that the success of an FFL is dependent on their ability to access, comprehend, understand and train to the requirements of both federal and state oversight organizations. The skills and tools available to keep up with regulatory notices, to decipher federal updates and maintain current compliance requirements was a challenge. We set out to simplify and organize the resources and tools to help FFLs navigate this process, gain confidence and drive their own personal success.

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