Meet Your FFL Consultants

John "JB" Bocker

JB is the co-founder of FFL Consultants and a leading expert in commercial security and compliance programs for the firearms industry. He is a well known and respected presenter, author, and supporter of FFL's nationwide, consults for the firearms trade association and is an SBA-SBDC Certified Small Business Business Advisor. JB believes in supporting clients through trustworthy relationships, simplicity, confidentiality, shared experiences and 24/7 support.


John "JC" Clark

JC is co-founder of FFL Consultants and a veteran of the military, law enforcement and retail arenas. John is also an FFL with extensive personal knowledge and experience related to the firearms industry, driving profitability and protecting organizations against risk. JC thrives in supporting clients in the areas of auditing and creating compliance initiatives, business assessment and control functions and the implementation of corporate governance practices. JC also serves as a primary business, security and compliance consultant to the firearms industry.

Karrie Christen

Karrie has 22 year of experience and is considered the industry leader when it comes to social marketing and the highly regulated industries. Karrie serves her clients with a passion for explanation and understanding followed up with passion and commitment to succeed. Staying abreast of the ever-changing social media landscape, algorithms, and digital updates is what she specializes in, so you don't have to! She is a consultant to the NSSF and will be a guest presenter for Social Media Marketing at SHOT Show 2019. Don't miss it!

Teamwork Drives Success

Based in Denver, CO, JC, Karrie and JB joined forces to create a supportive consulting team to fill the need for small and mid-sized FFL's that was supportive, knowledgeable, confidential and available, especially in times of crisis. They recognized the need to organize and simplify the many regulations, resources and training tools that were needed by a very mature but diverse community of firearms dealers, distributors and manufacturers. The end result is FFL Consultants!

Why We Created FFLC

Several years ago and after supporting hundreds of FFL's with their compliance, security and training challenges, we recognized that the success of an FFL is dependent on their ability to access, comprehend, understand and train to the requirements of both federal and state oversight organizations. The skills and tools available to keep up with regulatory notices, to decipher federal updates and maintain current compliance requirements was a challenge. We set out to simplify and organize the resources and tools to help FFL's navigate this process, gain confidence and drive their own personal success.

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